Sodalis Vitae
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Sodalis Vitae was known as a village of love. If a person would enter with no hope of finding his or her love, the person would walk out with a ring on their ring finger. Hopeless love? There is no such thing in Sodalis Vitae. But that just turned into a fairytale because of the reputation of the high school in Sodalis Vitae, Attollo High School

To get enrolled into Attollo High School, you must be invited. To get invited, your parents must send the staff a reason why they want their child to go to AHS. Almost 96.3% of the reason the parents want to send their child to AHS is because they can’t control their child anymore. The rest of the reason is because they want their child to have the best education.

The students that do get enrolled are totally different from the person next to them. The personalities, ethnicities, likes, dislikes, past, secrets, sexuality, and status. That’s what makes it even more interesting.

Join our adventure! -Michelle [Mod] & Desiree [CoMod]

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student[s] trying to find love.

Theodore Harvey Ladd || Teacher || OPEN || 35 || Married || London, UK || Benedict Cumberbatch

Have you ever had one of those teachers, no matter how hard you try, that you can’t stay mad at? Well, Professor Theodore Harvey Ladd is one of those teachers. He hates the whole title Professor, so Mr. Ladd is just fine. When he was a little boy, he attended Attollo High School and lived in Sodalis Vitae right after he finished high school so he can pursue his dreams of becoming a teacher. His favorite subject was Psychology so naturally, he became the school’s best Psychology teacher. He’s married with two children who don’t go to AHS because he knows of the school it has become and frowns at the fact that Attollo used to be the best with students and education. The education is strong, still, but the students just get worser and worser. And all Mr. Ladd can do is just sit back, teach, and sigh occasionally. Time after time, a student enters Ladd’s office with school problems that not even they are comfortable talking to their councilor about. When the student does, Ladd does one of two things: nod and pretend like he cares about the student’s problems or actually helps them out. Geez, he has a life too. Even though he can look all nice, smart, and caring… Ladd can be very annoyed with the teenage mind, too. Let’s see what the year has for the professors this year.