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Sodalis Vitae was known as a village of love. If a person would enter with no hope of finding his or her love, the person would walk out with a ring on their ring finger. Hopeless love? There is no such thing in Sodalis Vitae. But that just turned into a fairytale because of the reputation of the high school in Sodalis Vitae, Attollo High School

To get enrolled into Attollo High School, you must be invited. To get invited, your parents must send the staff a reason why they want their child to go to AHS. Almost 96.3% of the reason the parents want to send their child to AHS is because they can’t control their child anymore. The rest of the reason is because they want their child to have the best education.

The students that do get enrolled are totally different from the person next to them. The personalities, ethnicities, likes, dislikes, past, secrets, sexuality, and status. That’s what makes it even more interesting.

Join our adventure! -Michelle [Mod] & Desiree [CoMod]

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student[s] trying to find love.

It’s Michelle.

Obviously, I can’t run this roleplay.

So…. Who wants to me moderator?

If you do, tell me in the ask box.

Summer Summer.

Ding Ding Ding.

This has been an eyeopening start. And in just a blink of an eye, summer is here. The last official day of school is June 3, 2013 which is tomorrow.

Students are allowed to stay in the campus if and only if they are taking at least one summer class at Atollo or have a job in Sodalis Vitae.

They are encouraged however to go back home to relieve themselves from the homesickess that most students have been feeling. 

That is all for now. Have a safe and wonderful holiday, children.


Alright, this next part is concerning your characters. Since this roleplay opened in the middle of the school year, you character will stay at the same grade he/she was at. But your character did not flunk a grade or anything like that. He/She was just in the grade before.

For example, my character Jamie is supposed to be a junior according to his character profile. For the sake of ‘starting a new’ he is a sophomore now and he’s becoming a junior in the next school year. Same goes for Heather. She was supposed to be a senior but since we didn’t have the whole year to roleplay, she was a junior and is becoming a senior. 

Does that make sense? Ask me anything if you have any questions! 

can i please reserve Daniel River Giant?:)

Yes of course! 

Changed the Theme.

How do you like it?

I've made the blog! Thank you for accepting my application as Riley! :)

You’re welcome! The audition was amazing!

Everyone, go follow your new art teacher! 

Congrats to Dean, our new Riley Ashton Burton!

Your Name and tumblr: Dean (this is my testing blog, but my usual blog is usually over at fracturesboness)
Role auditioning for: Riley Ashton Burton
Time Zone: -5 GMT.

It’s a little lengthy, but I hope this is enough.

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What do the roleplayers do after they passed the audition?

You have to create a complete new blog for the character, open the ask box, check in by our ask with the new blog and roleplay away.

Could you reserve Ava Sylvia Landers please? I'd like to audition for her. Maybe on friday (may 24th) i will send my audition. Message me if there is any changes.

Yes, of course!

Are we obligated to give out our email to you for the audition?

No. You dont have to if you dont want to.

sorry about the delay, guys, but Zinnia DeLune is here.

Welcome! Welcome!

Everyone, follow Zinnia!